AirAsia's new Malaysia sale cuts the price of direct flights from Stansted to Kuala Lumpur to £199, one way.

Return fares are as low as £302, including tax -- around £300 less than similar flights with other airlines.  Book by 10 August for travel from 3 January to 31 March, 2011.

To find the lowest return rates, look for £199 outbound and £103 inbound fares. Both are listed as Economy Promo fares.Premium fares (Business Class) are also reduced to £699 one way.

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Price BaileyWhilst many local firms have downsized their corporate finance departments – the teams who originate and process business sales, purchases, mergers and fund raising – Price Bailey Chartered Accountants has kept the faith and seen a steady flow of instructions and transactions through the department this year. These have been across diverse sectors ranging from a number of deals in the residential caravan park sector to the construction and oil industry.

Lawrence Bailey, a partner with Price Bailey’s corporate finance team, comments on the state of the corporate finance sector. 

Lawrence Bailey said: “I have been fortunate in not only transacting business sales but also being very active in reconstructions as companies seek to strengthen their balance sheets and in share buy backs as shareholders have sought to consolidate their positions by buying out minority shareholders or those who wish to retire. 

“Price Bailey’s tax consulting team has a number of innovative ideas for ring fencing hard earned cash reserves; the most popular being the ‘sideways punt’ (not those wayward tourists on the river Cam, but a clever method of moving cash reserves tax free out of an existing group). Recognising and driving these opportunities means that all Price Bailey’s consulting teams work closely to produce shareholder value. 

Bailey continues: “Activity generally falters over the summer period, although at present there is little sign of any slackening off, and picks up again as busy directors and entrepreneurs return from their holiday break. This year the summer may present a challenge with the much vaunted possibility of a double dip; I can’t remember a double dip in past recessions and hopefully this is just a figment of the journalistic imagination and we shall hold our nerve again this time round and see a further increase in corporate activity throughout the autumn and winter months. 

“There is a huge incentive as the recent emergency budget creates real opportunity for those with drive to build on their existing business. There were changes in the taxation on the disposal of shares in owner managed businesses such that a qualifying shareholder may now make a gain of up to £5m and have this taxed at the rate of 10% - an increase on the previous limits of £1m up to 5 April this year and £2m up to the date of the budget – which makes business expansion followed by a later trade sale a very attractive proposition.

“And whatever the state of the market there will always be businesses to acquire, whether this results from economic circumstances, retirement or in some cases the death of the owner and for those with cash reserves this brings the opportunity to expand their existing business. Price Bailey has a number of mandates for the acquisition of businesses in various sectors so it is always worth enquiring if you are considering or looking for an acquisition. 

Lawrence added: “Banks and funding institutions are not as liberal in their lending policies as they were a couple of years ago so you will need more cash than would have been required before the recession; it would also help if there are some unencumbered assets to secure any borrowings and whilst bank and institutional negotiations may be challenging for the right deals there will be funding available. Price Bailey has extensive links with all the banks, other funders and individuals and would be able to assist. 

“In a nutshell, UK Plc is still in business and corporate finance deals are still being done, but they are more difficult to get across the finishing line. You will need the help of fully trained dynamic professionals and Price Bailey’s corporate finance team are waiting for your call!” 

Please call Lawrence Bailey on 0800 434 6460 for more information, alternatively This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

PELLYContrary to popular belief there is no such thing as a “common law” wife or husband.  The law describes this situation as “co-habitation”. Unless a couple are married or in a civil partnership, no other type of relationship extends the same level of protection. 

Unmarried couples are at risk if they don’t plan or prepare for all eventualities when co-habiting or combining assets. Coming to an understanding about all possible issues before setting up home together is the recommended course of action and committing that understanding to paper can avoid heartache in the event of a relationship breakdown. 

A recent case where a man who had split up with his co-habiting partner 17 years ago, was awarded a half share in the house they once lived in, even though he had never paid the mortgage* shows clearly just how vulnerable couples are if they fail to sort out financial arrangements in a timely manner. The man was awarded the half share because the house was purchased as joint tenants or co-owners and remained so after the relationship ended. 

A couple should think very carefully and plan for a “worst case scenario” where they split-up and must deal with the distribution of their assets as, unfortunately, co-habiting couples have fewer rights than those who are married or in a civil partnership. 

For example, if one partner of a co-habiting couple dies, any money held in the deceased bank account will become the property of the estate of the deceased and cannot be used until the estate is settled.  Further, without a will, the surviving partner in a co-habiting partnership will not automatically inherit anything unless the couple owned property jointly and a widow’s or widower’s pension cannot be claimed by a co-habiting partner. To ensure that your partner is provided for on your death it is very important that a co-habiting couple seek legal advice in relation to estate planning and preparation of a Will. 

A survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics (March 2010) revealed that couples who live together are twice as likely to break up as married partners.  4 out of 5 married couples were still together after 10 years yet for the same period 2 out of 5 co-habiting couples had parted. 

Seeking the advice of a solicitor more importantly before moving in together, but certainly at the point of breaking up will help to make this as painless as possible and could save a lot of time and money should the couple ultimately break-up. 

Margaret Porter, says “It is no surprise that couples do not want to consider the ramifications if they break-up but it is essential that when committing to set up home together, couples should seek legal advice from a solicitor in order to ensure that they have protected their assets”. 

For more information please contact Pellys Private Client Team on 01279 758080.   

*Appeal Court Case 26 May 2010.

Stansted Airport's ambition to raise its global profile has received a major boost after gaining approval to handle the world's largest airliners.   

Airbus A380s can now operate from Stansted AirportThe Civil Aviation Authority has awarded the UK's third busiest airportCode F status, which now allows aircraft such as the Airbus A380 and thenew Boeing 747-8 to operate from the airport.  

The official go-ahead, which follows months of work to demonstrate theairport's operational readiness to handle these aircraft, now opens thedoor for new airline growth for both passenger and cargo operations.  

An immediate benefit has seen Stansted named as Emirates' alternativeairport for their A380 aircraft, if they are forced to divert as aprecaution or if the destination airport is unavailable.

Car Parking Stansted AirportPark at Stansted, and jet away safe in the knowledge your vehicle is in the only official parking for Stansted Airport approved by Essex Police.  That's the message from Airport bosses to anyone tempted by illegal car park options this summer.  

 " The only official airport parking is here on-site, and with all our car parks accredited to Park Mark® standard for safety and security, it's the only place passengers should book to guarantee the safest car park option before jetting away," said Stansted's Head of Transport Planning and Policy, Julia Gregory.

"A recent report in 'Which?Car'' magazine drew attention to some of the pitfalls of using unofficial car park operators.  Security measures in place in our car parks Car Parking Stansted Airportinclude CCTV, security fencing and regular patrols so we hope travellers will heed our advice, book early to get the cheapest rates, and leave their car in one of our Park Mark® accredited car parks."

Speaking about Essex Police involvement with the Park Mark® award scheme, Deputy Divisional Commander Stansted Airport, Graham Stubbs said:

"Essex Police is thoroughly committed to the Park Mark® scheme, which is an official UK Police flagship initiative promoted by the Association of Chief Police Officers, and administered by The British Parking Association.

"Our Safer Parking Accredited Assessors work in partnership with Stansted Airport Limited to assess standards of safety and security, along with good management practices, in a bid to reduce opportunities for crime and anti–social behaviour.  We would actively encourage all visitors to the Airport to take advantage of these facilities."

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