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Tuesday 9th August



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We were pleased to welcome PDs Razor, Milo and Danny alonside their handlers Sgt Paul Screech and PC Jim Beaird from Essex Police to a recent networking event at the Hilton London Stansted.

Attendees were treated to a display of some of the K9s skills and heard how the Essex Police Working Dogs team helps in reducing crime in the community.

Police Dog 11


Police Dog 14

Police Dog 12 

Police Dog 7

In a talk led by PC Jim Beaird and Sgt Paul Screech, the attendees learned about the process of selection and the rigorous training process that the dogs go through.

Our three K9 visitors who live with PC Beaird and Sgt Screech, create a strong emotional bond.  "You get very attached Police Dog 3to them," explained PC Beaird.

"They're completely different at home to how they are when they're hard at work. You end up with no back garden, of course!  "They are fantastic guide dogs, though."

PC Beaird explained how some of the dogs are donated to the Force by people that find they are very inquisitive and too energetic to be taken care of in a normal domestic environment.

"These dogs will literally chase a ball around all night long, so often owners find that it's just too much.

"We've had fairly mixed success with donations. Sometimes they turn out to be fantastic workers, others just aren't cut out to be police dogs.  But as I say, we're always extremely grateful for donations!"

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